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All Sake bottles are discounted 30% off!

Here are what we do have available as far as a la carte dishes.

Signature Sashimi:
1)Halibut Truffle $38
2)Toro Sashimi $40
3)Yellowtail Miso $24
4)Yellowtail Special $24
5)Tai Sashimi $24
6)Halibut Yuzu $24

1)Homemade Pickles $8
2)Edamame $5
3)Shishito Peppers with Bonito Flakes $9
4)Homemade Sesame Cold Tofu $5
5)Homemade Fried Sesame Tofu $6
6)Agedashi Tofu $8
7)Steamed Spinach Ohitashi $5
8)Steamed Spinach Sesame Miso Gomaae $7
9)Fried Lotus Root Chips $9
10)Yamaimo Mountain Potato Fries $9